“I like to think people are living Monday’s and look foward to Tuesday, While I look to Wednesday to try create a better Tuesday"

Rogan Frazer

Some of my University projects

Processing Audio Visualizer

This Project was created after watching a Youtube video of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard performing live (HERE) aMost of their own visualizations there are pre- recorded. I was inspired to generate something more interactive in as a live experience.  The finalized program can be located upon my GitHub(HERE)The example one which is linked uses an mp3 format rather than a direct input for an electric guitar.

(Materise) Bio - Plastic

This project brief was focused upon global problems and local solutions. Our team worked on a plastic material replacement that would be 100% biodegradable. Our product initiative was made derived from an agwaste (Agricultural Waste) by product.

Tom Baker Doctor Who Interrogating.

We were asked to integrate an object. I owned a 4th Doctor Who replica scarf, which I decided to utilize as the object. Here I integrated it with glitch art while making music with it via a virtual ANS. Find out about this android play experiment by reading more at this blog post (HERE)

CV & Business cards

My task was to redesign a new CV with business cards. For this task I was basically able to set my own design brief in order to recreate my CV and self-branding. My aim was to attract the attention of future employers , hopefully using an eye catching design. As I wanted to stretch my skill set and challenge myself, I decided to complete this in Design in Sketch

The start of my design was with balsamiq mockups here. I laid a rough idea of my CV andstylesheet out, then moved on my business card prototype with the use of pen and paper.

Most of the design was completed with Sketch, and final touches to the design with renders on the adobe illustrator suite.

Special recommendation to the print company Moo for their business card stock option on recycled cotton t-shirt fabric. It’s amazing.